I have a suggestion what should I do?
Please use our contact form to submit your suggestion. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
How do you verify the reports?
We don'€™t. Instead, we rely on statistical methods and common sense to identify locations and reports that merit attention.First of all, we limit the number of reports any given user can submit in a period of time thus making it more difficult to game the system. Secondly, we believe that trustworthiness of information is directly related to the number of reports different people submitted in a given location - the more results, the more likely one is to find corrupt officials at that location. We also analyze reporting patterns and details to identify any outliers or suspicious reports and filter them out from the website.
Why do you edit personal details out of reports?
The purpose of Bribespot.com is to visualize petty corruption, not to pursue individual cases or pass a judgment on specific individuals. For this reason, we are much more interested in understanding how corrupt officials are extracting bribes and in what ways we could counteract them. Personal details add little value in this case, while opening up a venue for potential lawsuits. For this reason, we made the decision to omit any personal details from our reports.
Why did my report get removed?
We actively monitor all reports submitted to the website and take down any reports violating our guidelines. These include reports with personal names and other personal data (think addresses and phone numbers), reports promoting external news stories, websites, or projects, vague reports, reports about cases of grand corruption. The reason we do this is to ensure consistency of the reports and allow for meaningful comparisons among the countries, cities and bribe categories.
Will my report remain anonymous?
Absolutely. As a matter of policy, we do not ask users to provide any identifiable information when submitting a bribe and we go an extra mile to reduce the possibility of Bribespot.com user being identified by impersonal data, such as website cookies, reporting history or mobile device identificator, by encrypting user data on our servers.
How can I report a bribe?
First, choose location where you were asked for a bribe. Try to be as accurate as possible, since aggregate reports according to their geographical coordinates. Next choose appropriate Government area and amount requested. Finally, take a moment to explain the situation and why an official has asked you for a bribe. It's OK to mention the institution you'€™ve been dealing with, but we strongly advise you to refrain from mentioning any personal names.
What is petty corruption?
Here is an official definition: €œSmall scale, bureaucratic or petty corruption is the everyday corruption that takes place at the implementation end of politics, where the public officials meet the public. Petty corruption is bribery in connection with the implementation of existing laws, rules and regulations, and thus different from "grand" or political corruption.

 Petty corruption refers to the modest sums of money usually involved, and has also been called "low level" and "street level" to name the kind of corruption that people can experience more or less daily, in their encounter with public administration and services like hospitals, schools, local licensing authorities, police, taxing authorities and so on. Read more on [Anti-Corruption Resource Center](http://www.u4.no/articles/the-basics-of-anti-corruption/#3) website.
Why there are no bribe reports in my country?
Bribespot.com relies on efforts of ordinary users to collect information about requested bribes. Users can report bribes using a mobile app or our website. If there are no bribes reported in your country, you either live in country free of petty corruption or there are no active users in your area yet. If you would like to cooperate with Bribespot.com in spreading the word about the service in your country, shoot us an email.
What do icons of different colors mean?
To make it easier distinguish among different areas of Government, we decided to use colorful icons for categorizing reports. For example, red cross signifies health care and means that the bribe was requested in a health care institution - be it medical clinic, hospital, pharmacy or other related institution.

 Although corruption is usually associated with civil servants and Government officials, the practice has shown that employees of private companies also engage in bribing each other - think of a businessman paying media outlet for favorable coverage - which is why we included private sector among all other categories.
How can I use Bribespot.com?
Start by exploring what happens around you - both our website and mobile apps allow you to easily visualize latest bribes reported near you and provide additional information about the reason for them. If you ever encounter a corrupt official, don'€™t hesitate to report the encounter on our platform. We also think that Bribespot.com can become a valuable tool for identifying corruption patterns and hot-spots in your city.
What is the purpose Bribespot.com?
We think that visibility is the enemy of corruption, which is why we came up with Bribespot.com. The aim of Bribespot.com is to visualize petty corruption that happens around us and this way provide an incentive for reforming failed institutions and eliminating corrupt practices.